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Reward offered for return of original lithography limestone 26 x 19", signed Trippe, last seen 146 W. 57th St NYC, loading zone

Bogus Rarely i've got 3 of your prints, but am jones-n for more. maybe we need to up the stakes on the links.......

I. B. Birding link-on Bogus! Dambit! its your job (free wood cuts for every slice)

unzer sound yo mon, most righteous site. everyone should spend serious time w/ in these walls. mind bending power to the people. peace.

Chris Chaput Jim Trippe, I was truly touched by your mini-masterpiece. Thank you for reminding me of how Proud I am to be an American, how Lucky I am to be involved with Slalom, and how Blessed I am to have friends like the friends on the Farm.  

Adam I concur with Chaput... this is the best slalom video I've seen in that it really conveys the soul of this great sport. I took advantage of my office's 6Mb DSL connection and watched the 19Mb Quicktime version. Worth the wait! Guess it's time to make that new Video forum everyone's been buggin for! Here's the link again:  

Tway hats off to Trippe for his efforts on this vid. He filmed it, produced it, edited it and did all the music his own damnself. Thanks man.  

John Gilmour I saw the video of Jim Trippe's The music and skag just rips It united our state The feeling's first rate I wait as the big file unzips "A little East Coast poeming." Jim- killer video- lots of smiles/ teary eyes from everyone who saw it. "The best chef can make a banquet from an empty cupboard". You only had a single camera, and difficult light, as well as limited lenses. We saw the raw footage after the race. I am amazed- AMAZED at what you've done. And- you did it within the week. BLOWN AWAY. I have got to get a video quality copy from you- just tell me how much $$$$$$ to send you. I liked the music choice- the lyrics really fit as did the pace which described the relax feel of the whole event.  

Babe of Boston As a woman watching the "sports video of the year" I felt that not only is the American flag "representative of all things good," but that slalom "represents all things good". . . .as I found out at my first slalom race at Tway's farm, this sport is overflowing with good hearts, amazing minds, and even more amazing talents! I've never felt so inextricably linked to so many people as through the spirit of slalom:  

Eveline O Awesome video Jim!!! you really don't stop amazing me...I was trying to figure out if you used only one camera, and I guess that your master editing did the trick...totally energizing motion, coupled with a superb soundtrack, just stunning. By the way, whose music is that? I liked the roarring wheels detail, it really added to the speed effect. The humane and technical side (interviews) was an invaluable tool to get the espectators hooked up to what was coming next...just a little detail, such as knowing where somebody comes from, created instant empathy, adding to the emotion of the visual thrill. Two thumbs up!!!  

Jimmy T Thanks to all for your inspiring comments, really! Tways got some good stills. The video was the easy part, its finding such a great vibe that was hard. See you at the next one. If you want a mp3 of the song click here:  

RJ I see you got all the art and photo sections done, "Peconic County" is my favorite, but I like "Chasing Light" as well.    

minerva heard about your trippe, on my way to Miami, need a deckhand?  

jt all hands on deck!  

Dee Hey...I think it's "Good to Be Out Dancing" too!! I liked it! See ya at Riverside or at the bridge....  

Ren Jimmy T - This site rocks! Artwork, music, photos, movies, books - you've got it all.  

jt Alright Coach Robb! a special thanks to one of the coolest dudes on the planet, and the best left handed raquet ball player south of the Mason-Dixon Line  

Karl Slfjr This site is fantastic artwork, excellent work.  

Joan Ross You're on a super creative roll. Keep up the fine work and thanks for the handsome catalog, Thanks from an ancient carver.  

Penny H. Edwards it was great meeting you here in Eleuthera. Just looked at your Web Site and your work is beautiful. Let's get together about the photo book on Eleuthera. Let's hear from you when you can. Cheers, Penny  


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